SHARS Online Solution

eSHARS is an online system that allows your Service Providers and Managers to easily enter visits that will be sent eletronically to Medicaid.  This product also provides a wealth of tools and reports to help you track the SHARS activity for Students and Service Providers.

Some of the features are ...

  • Assist the school district in obtaining a Medicaid Provider Identification Number
  • Verify student Medicaid eligibility before visits are entered so that Service Providers do not have to enter visits for student’s that are not Medicaid eligible (Or you can enter all services if you wish to use the Production tracking tools for Service Providers)
  • Complete Student Services History tracking and reporting to help Service Providers do their jobs easily
  • Production Reports to show Service Provider efforts
  • Log indicators to show which students have outstanding services
  • Copy functionality to help Service Providers enter multiple services with minimal effort.
  • Uploading Student Information
  • Uploading Service Provider Information
  • Service Providers have the option to add Students so they don’t have to wait for quarterly student data uploads
  • Process Controls to prevent and notify Service Provider of missing data and errors.
  • Very Simple Web Pages to reduce confusion
  • Verify student eligibility for each claim
  • Train client-district staff members to maximize reimbursements efforts
  • Online training
  • Maintain a toll-free support hotline during business hours for assistance and technical support
  • Electronically submit claim data to Medicaid/TMHP for weekly SHARS reimbursement
  • Comply with federal and state laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines concerning issues of confidentiality of student and Medicaid information
  • Provide access to documentation and records required by federal and state laws, rules, regulations, and guidelines
  • Many many more…

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